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Brief Biography of Dr. Jaye Nias

Dr. Jaye Nias is a Senior Research Faculty member with The Institute for Socially and Culturally Relevant Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence at Howard University (HCAI@Howard). In her previous work as an assistant professor, she demonstrated a profound passion for exploring the intersection of technology and social responsibility. Dr. Nias's remarkable journey through historically black colleges and universities, from undergraduate studies to post-doctoral work and finally to the professoriate, has shaped her unique perspective and dedication to her field.

Dr. Nias's scholarly works center around designing conversational user interfaces (CUIs) that prioritize user agency, cultural diversity, and responsibility. By focusing on creating technology that respects and empowers users, she advocates for ethical practices that consider the broader social impact of technological advancements.

In her role as Director of the Brave IDEAS Lab, Dr. Nias mentored students and led research initiatives to develop innovative solutions that promote social and cultural good. With a strong focus on inclusive and ethical technological design, she has devoted her career to addressing the unique challenges faced by marginalized populations and sensitive environments.


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