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Hello World!

Hello, I'm Jaye.  I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, and the director of the BRAVE I.D.E.A.S. lab. My research explores various applications of computational methods to promote cultural diversity and societal inclusion.

During the current academic year, I serve as a Visiting Data Science Fellow with XSEDE Advanced Computing for Social Change.  I am working to establish a network of faculty, the ACSC Community Development Fellows Program.  This initiative is driving social innovation through academic and community-driven pedagogy through this partnership.

jnias at spelman dot edu

social media @jayenias

office: 218 Science Center 

phone: 404-270-5873

"I am learning every day to let the space between where I am, and where I want to be inspire me and not terrify me."

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What's happening:

May 2022 - Fairware 22 panel on Beyond Algorithmic Fairness: Open Issues in Fair and Equitable Data and Technology.

April 2022  - Panel presentation at BlackComputeHer 2022

March 2022 - Panel presentation on Responsible CS Curriculum at the 2022 SIGCSE Technical Symposium.

March 2022 - Presented a position paper on Cultural Considerations in HRI at HRI'22 Robo-Identity 2 workshop.

December 2021 - Lanched the Advanced Computing for Social Change Community Development Faculty inaugural cohort.

December 2021 - Responsible CS Module Evaluations are live.

November 2021 - Featured in a Mozilla blogpost on Using Education and Intersectionality to Fight Bias.

November 2021 - ACM ISS'21 10 year Impact Award for 2012 paper on touch and gesture research with adults and children.

October 2021 - ACM Interactions article on Engaging Race and HCI.

September 2021 - Began fellowship with XSEDE Advanced Computing for Social Change.

September 2021 - Received the Spelman College Presidential Award for mentorship.

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