Jaye Nias is a native of Buffalo, NY who earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  After working for several years with Computer Science students in the Model Institutions for Excellence Initiative, Jaye decided to return to school to pursue her Masters and Doctorate in Computer Science.  She earned her doctoral degree from Bowie State University as an HGBI Fellow completing her dissertation in the area of Human Computer Interactions, Mobile Gestures and Culturally Relevant Technology.  She has completed research at IBM Research Africa, Morehouse College’s Culturally Relevant Computing Lab,  and as a Spelman CURE Post-doctoral Fellow. 

Currently,  Dr. Nias is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA where her research explores various applications of computational methods of promoting cultural diversity and societal inclusion.​ 


 Jaye served as  the previous advisor to the all Black Women's Spelbots team and member of the inaugural Black ComputeHer fellows’ program.  In addition to her scholastic pursuits, Jaye is also a loving wife and mother to two beautiful children.

"I am learning everyday to let the space between where I am, and where I want to be inspire me and not terrify me."